Creative Real Estate Video Marketing – Getting More in 2016

Creative Real Estate Video Marketing – Getting More in 2016

Creative Real Estate Video Marketing – Getting More in 2016

Video marketing in Real Estate took an exciting turn in 2015. More agents took notice of this powerful medium and began incorporating it into their marketing campaigns. Now, the fact that you are doing video already gives you an edge over the competition in your area but as more and more agents turn to video to build their brand and their business you’re going to need to find inventive ways to stay ahead of the pack.  Enter Creative Real Estate Video Marketing.

Enter creative real estate video marketing. Adding a little creativity will help attract even more potential clients to your videos and have a huge impact on your real estate video marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to very simply spruce up your videos.

Web Series: You get to be the star of your own show! YouTube is a great platform to build an audience, but they need a reason to keep coming back. A consistent web series would beCreative Real Estate Video Marketing web series a great way to have an audience look forward to your content. Think of it like a television show. During season, I look forward to watching The Walking Dead. Every Sunday night, I am planted on my sofa waiting in anticipation as to what is going to happen to Rick and the crew in that night’s episode. While, you may not be fighting off flesh hungry zombies, you have the ability to capture an audience in the same way with creative real estate video marketing.

Think about the area you live in. What elements could you create a show around? It could be restaurants, outdoor activities, real estate tips specific to your area or anything in between. Every community has unique features that haven’t been exposed… yet. Living in Naples, FL we have hundreds of gated communities. It would be really easy and fun to create a different episode based on what each community has to offer. So, what does your area have to offer?

The purpose of the web series and creative real estate video marketing is to provide insider information into your area and to brand you as the expert. It can be used to draw new residents into the area or to provide new information to people who have lived in the area for years. Either way, it’s all about branding you as the area expert.

Take on a Persona: It’s Halloween all year round… maybe not if you go as a sexy cat. But think of your personality and your hobbies and bring that out in your videos.

Do you like to cook? What if you incorporated this into your real estate marketing videos? How about creating a cooking show based on your listings? Go into your listings and show off the kitchen while cooking a delicious meal. You can also explore a couple of other rooms or areas of the home as your guests enjoy the food. Are you the outdoors type? Explore the

A little superhero ready to save the world
A little superhero ready to save the world

great outdoors as you attract new leads – running, biking, crossfit – whatever the case may be.

You can get as crazy as you want in creative real estate video marketing. If you always wanted to be a super hero, who’s to say it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear a costume. The important thing to remember is to be true to you and to your audience. Sexy cat and all.

The purpose of adding this type of creative real estate marketing is to have your audience see your human side. It helps form a connection with your audience because we all know that people do business with agents they know, like and trust.

Attack of the Drones: Drones are becoming all the rage in real estate video marketing. They offer a unique perspective on a property that you just can’t get with a traditional camera on the ground. Using a drone you can also create the illusion of flying through the home, a very cool technique in creative real estate video marketing.  Well, I guess it’s not an illusion so much as a reality. You are actually flying your audience through the home. Fortunately, you don’t need a pilot’s license to get great footage, but you may want to take some time to get your bearings. Our broker accidentally flew his drone into a lake. Otherwise, for a little bit of money you can hire a professional and not have to worry about the FFA or powerlines.

Creative Real Estate Video Marketing hollywood

Bring Hollywood to You: Create a mini movie using your property listing as the set. There area an unlimited number of stories that can be told. Take a walk through the property and imagine who you could see living there. Then tell a story around those home buyers. If you want to engage in creative real estate video marketing – this is the way to go!  There are a number of examples online to give you some inspiration, but don’t be afraid to use your own imagination. One of the agents in our office recently got a listing for a traditional Florida, plantation style home. There aren’t many left in this area, so its extremely unique. The home would be perfect for family and friend get-togethers, so we are going to create a video around a grand party with a cool throwback to the days of plantation life.

We are still in the early weeks of 2016, so now you have an incredible opportunity to begin introducing some creativity into your video marketing. Make a stand. Get ahead of the competition. Make 2016 your best year yet.

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